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Why learn How to Freelance?

In the 21st Century, Freelance work is becoming more in demand both by corporates as well as individuals across the world.  This is due to the increasing shift in organizations realizing the cost and work output benefits of engaging a skilled, remote Freelance workforce, as compared to hiring a full-time, on-site expensive conventional workforce.  Individuals too are opting in for Freelance work, as it allows them not only the convenience and flexibility to work on projects, when and where they would like to work from.   If you have skills for which there is a global demand, in order to work and earn in hard currencies such as US$ as a Freelancer you must know how to jump into the right marketplace with a proper strategy to gain projects.  This Freelancing program is designed to provide you with the awareness of different freelance marketplaces where the buyers are actively seeking the services of expert freelancers to whom they can assign their projects. If you are having a proper awareness of how these freelance platforms work then you would only be able to land projects as per your skill set.


The goal of this program is to equip individuals to market their skills in international marketplaces. This core skill set will equip learners with a starting point for their freelancing career, in which they will learn the proper bidding techniques, understanding payment modules, and working on these platforms. 


You will learn how to: 

  • Create a Fiverr account with an optimized gig setup
  • Create an approved account on Upwork.com and creating project catalogs on Upwork
  • Create a Payoneer account through which all your transactions of these international Freelance accounts will be processed into your local bank account or Jazz-Cash account
  • Alternative payment methods to receive payments from your direct client
  • Write professional proposals and cover letters to win a job related to your skillset.


12 Weeks / 3 Months



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