eApprenticeship @Grassroots

If you are a college or university student who wishes to acquire 21st Century work skills while completing your degree program, get in touch with us.

Through this program you will not only be able to acquire and get certified by Grassroots for the skills you learn while working on our actual client projects, but we will also develop your ePortfolio for you to showcase to your potential employers your skills mastery

Ahmed H. Naqvi

“Through the apprenticeship program, we primarily focus on developing the skills of our apprentices to help them meet the opportunities in the job market, both locally as well as globally.”

“We also maintain ePortfolios of our apprentices which they can showcase their skills to potential employers”

Maryam Khan

“Through the Grassroots eApprenticeships program, one can learn new skills at their own convenience, from the comfort and safety of their home.

” A truly innovative, virtual program, certifying mastery skill learning of eApprentices at Grassroots.”

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    Ali Naqvi

    The time that I spent working with Grassroots left an everlasting impact on my aptitude for problem solving in a proactive way. It greatly enhanced my capability to work together and communicate effectively.

    Amna Zulqadar

    I gained knowledge about different aspects of e-learning and learnt invaluable hard and soft skills which are going to help me in the future

    Nauman Wajid

    After spending 8 months with Grassroots, I realized that this opportunity has provided me with immense experience that helped me to boost up my career goals as a User Experience Designer with the new skills and tools I learnt.

    Sadia Rana

    I want to thank Grassroots for providing me with this apprenticeship opportunity. It was an amazing experience both from a personal point of view and from a professional point of view

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